Pins and Needles

What is Pins & Needles?

It’s my wikity site. Wikity is a project imagineered by my friend Mike Caulfield, who is the director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver. If you want to know more about Wikity, head on over to Mike’s blog, where he writes about it on a regular basis.

I’m using Wikity as a way to annotate and keep track of ideas or questions I’m exploring. What I love about using Wikity for this, instead of just some annotation or bookmarking tool, is that I can fork ideas and questions that other Wikity users have written about and bring them over to my site (and of course, they can do the same with anything I’ve written). These copies stay connected (read Mike’s post about connected copies, start with part one) which can help with the findability of content and long-term permanence of ideas on the web. Mike explains this better, so go read what he has to say. Wikity offers an approach to networked knowledge that I’m really excited to experiment with.

Check out my Wikity site here:

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