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Unbundling: Resources from my trip to Edinburgh (and other places!)

After 10 days in Europe (London, Paris, Edinburgh), we are preparing to head home tomorrow. My mind swirls with reflections and memories—experiences I will never forget and new colleagues/friends whose warm welcome helped fill this trip with joy.

I learned so much on my first trip to Europe (e.g., how to travel internationally with a 5-year-old, how to find gluten free options in Paris—including sarrasin crepes, or crepes avec ble noir, and so much more). And I am so grateful for the time I had at the University of Edinburgh, where I met with various colleagues (and enjoyed a hike up Arthur’s Seat with the wonderful Hamish Macleod, and dinner with the extraordinary Sian Bayne and her family), spent lots of work time and play time with my research partner and fast-talking kindred spirit Jen Ross, and did a presentation and radio show interview about the unbundling phenomenon in US higher education. Whirlwind, yes. Regrets, not a one.

With a day of travel ahead and my brain and heart still so full, I am not going to spend any more time dissecting my trip or my time at the University of Edinburgh. Instead, here are resources from my talks/interview and a great synopsis from Hazel Christie, who works in the Institute for Academic Development at Edinburgh:

Interview on EduTalk Radio

Hazel Christie’s wonderful write-up


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  1. […] These are my notes from a seminar by Amy Collier, Stanford University  titled The Good, the Bad and the Unbundled on 27 August 2014. These notes were taken live and then cleaned up a bit, links added etc. but they remain a bit partial and sketchy in places.  For a more thoughtful and reflective take on the presentation, see Hazel Christie’s post here. Amy’s own post on her visit  can be found here. […]


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