I have done several talks lately about the idea of not-yetness. It’s an idea that Jen Ross (University of Edinburgh) and I first wrote about in our chapter, Complexity, mess, and not-yetness: Teaching online with emerging Keep Reading

Celebrating Care

I’m going to put on my family scientist hat for a few minutes to talk about Mother’s Day. Last year, I read this thoughtful article by my favorite writer, Anne Lamott, called Why I Hate Mother’s Day. Keep Reading

Courage to Dance

This month, I am celebrating two years of teaching Jazzercise. It has been two years of learning new routines, finding my voice and presence on stage, lots of oops-es and blunders and complete loss of functional Keep Reading


one breath, our breath the moment i met you your breath became our breath my chest tightening as you exhaled opening as you drew life back in. you cried one breath, our breath my throat Keep Reading